How to Play Baccarat

To begin with, baccarat is supposed to be rather simple card game with comprehensive and clear rules. In fact, it does not require much knowledge from you, because the betting option in this gambling game is rather limited. Still, gamblers can decrease the house edge by implementing some tips.

Actually, the gamblers are able to make three types of wagers in this online casino game. They are: banker bet, tie and player bet. In spite of the fact that baccarat turns out to be quite elementary gambling game, it has rather strict rules.

Baccarat Rules

It should be mentioned that baccarat is sure to be a social game. All the gamblers are supposed to play with similar hand, though some modifications of the game presume playing with 2 hands. Still, the line's share of baccarat games stick to playing with single hand only. It means that gamblers have rather small betting options.

Furthermore, like blackjack, the game is supposed to be conducted by the dealer, while players are allowed to make wagers only. As far as the aim of the game is concerned, the gambler should obtain 9 points in order to win in Baccarat.

Besides, it should be noticed that every hand contains 3 cards. Indeed, no more cards can be dealt to gamblers. Actually, it is forbidden by Baccarat rules. Moreover, it is vital to know that the cards are counted in a specific way in Baccarat.

As far as an Ace is concerned, it is valued as 1 point. All the face cards and Tens are valued as zero points. The rest of the cards are valued corresponding to the numbers they have.

Besides, the points are summed up after every game round. If it happens that the total amount of points is larger than 9, the first figure is not taken into consideration (for instance, if a player has 17 - the first figure is ignored, so he turns out to have 7 points).

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