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Baccarat has been linked to the rich and high class people in an enigmatic way due to which a lot of people initially banished this game's online version.

It's a very simple and easy to learn casino game that could really get you some thrill and excitement while playing at a Casino. Just no special skills are required for the game because rules decide every hand action. Betting is only variable needed. In other words, Baccarat is all about chance, it's a game about sheer luck. Baccarat was considered to have evolved somewhere in Italy or France in the period of middle ages. This word 'Baccarat' has been derived from an Italian word whose meaning is zero. During those days, Baccarat used to be played by means of Tarot cards, and not like the contemporary cards that we use nowadays.

As Baccarat started gaining popularity throughout Europe just like any other types of gambling, it received stiff opposition from their Church because the Church believed it as game of devil & anybody that played it was in a way doing the devil's job.


Felix Galguiere was the one who introduced the tarot cards first in the Baccarat game. Etruscan 9 Gods were thought of as the inspiration of Felix's versions of Baccarat. This was the earliest versions of the Baccarat in which the dices would be rolled to decide a lady's fate since 9 Gods needed the blond virgin's sacrifice. Roll of an 8 or 9 would make her priestess, a 6 or 7 she would be banned from doing any religious activities, any lesser than 6 & she would walk in the sea & disappear.

This version of early Baccarat turned into a favorite game of aflluent and rich people, mainly consisting og Aristocrats and gradually turned to form 'Chemin de Fer'. Though Baccarat has been an extremely popular game, but initially it was considered illegal like any other type of gambling. Eventually it was termed legal by the government and imposed taxes on the game which made it even more famous as people felt that it will do at least some good on their part for the betterment of poor people by means of paying taxes.

During the reign of Napolean, it again was abolished and it began to slowly drop its popularity. But by 1900, it again began to gather its popularity as by that time his reign ended and many grand casinos had been established by the France Riviera.

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