Blackjack Odds

What is the Blackjack odd for winning in case you ignore ties?

Answer would be 48 percent.

Ties, also called Pushes normally happen about 9 percent of the total time. But barring the pushes, the odds of a win is 48 percent of the total time for you & 52 percent of the total time it is against you & it will hold true while you play as per the basic strategies.

Natural blackjack wins

You may wonder that how could one possibly win money in the game if the odds of losing are more than winning. But always remember that 48 percent of the total time, you're supposed to win and it's inclusive of all the winnings including the natural blackjack wins. As you win alongwith natural Blackjack, the payout received is three to two instead of one to one payout as in the standard wins.

So, for instance, if you wager 10 dollars & you subsequently win that round, you will get 10 dollars, and if you win it with natural blackjack you'll get 15 dollars. More the wins alongwith Natural blackjacks more the winning amount would come in the bankroll.

Double down

Another situation where you could earn more money in comparison to the usual one to one is while you do the double down. Payouts for successful doubling down are two to one. For example, if you wager 10 dollars per hand for the blackjack, then double down & then ultimately got a win, you will earn 20 dollars in place of 10 dollars.

You need to keep in mind that although there are no extra ways for increasing the odds for winning strategy wise, you surely enhance your odds alongwith Natural blackjacks as you do the double down.

Doing the double down could be considered a good way for making money in a Blackjack game and at the same time it's also the fastest way of losing money in the game. The key lies in the fact that you must know when is the most profitable time for doubling down. You will come to know about it with the help of a basic chart. This chart provides you best times for doubling down while your cards & dealer's up cards get you a good chance for winning that round.

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