Slots Odds

Such a phenomenon as slot odds should be definitely learnt and remembered by every gambler who has plans to beat slots. One of them tried doing it and he was ready to share his story on the Internet in order to give us better understanding of slots odds. Read below if you are interested.

Personal Story

In one of the Las Vegas casinos, while me & my wife were playing and enjoying a few games of lucky 7s, another couple joined us and began playing just next to where we were playing. We just greeted each other but did not start talking to each other at once. Some time later while Larry, one of the members, hit a 100 dollars, it actually got everybody pretty excited and we began talking. We began discussing about our different approaches of slot playing.

He told me that as soon as he wins even a petty amount he feels the need of savoring it & tries to make that money last whole night or go to some other table. Because anyways that machine won't be paying out again so soon. However, while talking to him, I felt that his strategy was on the contrary just opposite to what it ought to be. For example, had Larry betted a lot more initially he certainly would have earned a lot more money & he wouldn't be stuck making an attempt for trickling the money in the slots all through the night there.

Bet big if odds are good

The main problem Larry was going through is, as he was betting a very little money, amount which he was subsequently winning was also quite low. Larry actually was trying to get rid of the 'Risk' factor involved in gambling in slots machines.

We all had a dinner together afterwards that night. Larry told me everything about various slots tourneys and competitions which he got through the slots club. That was when I made up my mind to tell him that either ways his odds of winning were not going to change much, so it would have been a wiser decision to bet the usual amounts. This way, upon hitting next win, he could indeed go home with some big money instead of the little money which he had been making.

Next day, surprisingly Larry seemed to like my advice a lot and decided to go with it. And it wasn't really a surprise for me that it worked, and it worked big time for him. Larry began betting his usual amount, after hitting a couple of wins, rather than cutting his betting amount he decided to increase it and by the end of night he was actually making a lot of money, that he never ever had managed to make.

So, in a nutshell if you are aware of your odds that you have in the game, it is not a wise decision at all to go betting with lesser amount, instead, you ought to bet with the usual and regular amounts. And this trick is valid for both online or live casinos.

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